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Dear Dona Electric,

Not long ago I had a problem with the electrical circuitry in my home. Being somewhat familiar with home electrical circuitry, I attempted to fix the problem on my own, but no matter what I did, the problem persisted. As I was discussing my problem with a friend, they suggested I contact Anthony Donadio at Dona Electric.

Tony listened patiently as I described my problem and the steps I had gone through to fix the issue, then responded. He said it could be one of several possible issues, but one was quite simple to do and well within my abilities. He suggested I try his solution and give him a call back when I finished.

I did what Tony suggested and the problem was resolved! I called him right away and let him know my results. He congratulated me on fixing the issue, and when I asked for his bill, he said as I had really fixed the problem myself, there would be no charge. I was amazed at how Tony was able to determine the best solution to suggest from just a simple phone call describing the issue. I realized he not only had the technical knowledge, but also many years of experience to guide him.

I am proud to give Tony and Dona Electric the highest recommendation I can possibly give. I am sure if anyone has a need for an electrician, they should do just what I did and call Tony. He will give you the best solution to your problem, and will do it in the most cost-efficient manner possible. ~Sincerely, Ron Eddins

Dear Tony,

This note is to say I appreciate the work you have done in my home last week.  Your work was above and beyond what was expected.  Thank you and your son for being neat and clean.   ~Joanne

Dear Anthony,

Every once in a while we come across a company like yours who acknowledges how important it is to maintain a good working relationship.  We recognize that your company pays promptly and we really appreciate it.  We just wanted to say thank you and we feel privileged to have DONA ELECTRIC, INC. as one of our preferred customers.~Lauren- SUNSTAR Lighting


Thank you so much for fixing the electrical problem in the kitchen.  I am sure you could have spent your time doing something more fun!   Please accept this token of our appreciation.  Thank you.   ~Mary & Pat

To Anthony & Son,

Thank you so much for the great service; fixing our electric and for the information over the phone.   Also, we appreciate your letting us send the check to you by mail. You're a real gem.
Sincerely~ Esther


Thank you so much for your perseverance and concern.  Let me know when you want to come to do the chart for the circuit breaker panel. ~ Lucille

Dear Anthony and Mark,

Thank you so much for upgrading our residential service, installing hi-hat lighting, central air conditioning and replacing the electrical receptors.  We are now enjoying the conveniences of modern living, knowing that our safety was your first priority.  We really appreciate your professional demeanor and cleaning up as you completed each phase of the job.  We will absolutely recommend you to anyone who is need of an electrically services.   Thank you. ~Lisa & Leland

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